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Jay vs. Owen

Jay Pipes destroyed my life.

Or that’s how I felt for the 25 minutes that the SVN repository was down and broke my minutely-cron-job which svn ups my sweet, lucious, tasty Habari installation. (Which represents 33% of all the awesome Habari blogs in the world.)

Then the other revered Habari commiters pushed him in a branch, so he wouldn’t break Most Valuable Wankers like me. (MVW)

Now most revered Owen Winkler is pushing back, saying “Fuck. I don’t understand this. I don’t understand why he had to change EVERYTHING. There’s no opportunity to see things into the core gradually. It’s either the pain in the ass of ripping out parts or just taking everything wholesale. It’s not just that it doesn’t work. It’s that there is hardly any of our existing code in it. He basically wrote his own system.”

Scott Merrill responded, “Jay’s been working in isolation with little input from us,” but wanted to “play diplomat” to avoid any publicity of the Habari development hating each other before a release is even out. “I’m not sure what Jay would say that would persuade me that merging would be worthwhile,” replied Owen.

I suggest both Jay and Owen whip it out on the table and settle this once and for all. I would suggest the same for Chris Davis, but his fear of regex doesn’t bode well for his endowment.

My vote? Get Khaled to decide. His supreme aesthetic sense would rock the PHP6 world if he deigned to use it. Or if he abstains, quietly kick Jay Pipes out before he causes any more trouble, and stick to the core group of commiters/voters that were at the in-person meeting that spawned Habari. I’m sure we could write two lines of code for every one that Jay contributed!


Everyone Gets a Vote

I’m continually amazed by how awesome and open the Habari process is. Today I read another email from Skippy that blew my mind. For those of you who don’t have time to read the whole thing, here’s an executive summary.

  • Everyone in Habari is equal, just some are more equal than others.
  • If you’re not more equal, your vote isn’t actually binding.
  • Apparently submitting 5 patches isn’t enough to be part of the “team”, you have to suck up to the team too.
  • In fact, “there is no well-defined route for gaining commit access.” (Rich Bowen) That sounds familiar!!!
  • Every committer has veto power! This is far better than in WordPress where just the Matt-devil vetoes things. (But don’t worry, they promise to only use the veto power when it’s really important.)

I’m so happy that Habari is going to go the route of Apache, which has produced such innovative products such as… googling… Apache Web Server! which is a 1.000 better than Lighttpd or Mongrel, rather than the benevolent dictator model which has produced crappy software like the Linux Kernel, Firefox, Ubuntu, Ruby on Rails, Python, OpenSSH, OpenBSD, Perl.

Secret Cabal Mailing List

I was reading through some stuff and came across this gem from the revered Scott Merrill aka Skippy about creating a private mailing list that only commiters can see:

“We (the committers) can discussion patches and contributions by others in a way that won’t get polluted by those people, and so their feelings wont get hurt as we discuss their contributions”

A couple of initial thoughts:

  • This is a FANTASTIC idea. The revered leaders need a place to discuss the hoi polloi without worrying their pretty little heads.
  • Will be perfect for gossip and collusion as well.
  • The existence of the list should be a secret as well. (Does it already exist?)
  • If people bitch about there being a list, we can just say it doesn’t exist but email and cc: each other all the time to basically have a list.
  • Finally, I WANT IN. Please please please please please please please please please.

I think my contributions to the blogosphere and Habari documentation warrant my inclusion into the secret cabal, and I will gladly submit myself to any hazing you bad boys have in mind.

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