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The Coming of Scoble

Bobby ScobbyLook at how happy Robert Scoble is! You know why? Because he has seen the true light of the Habari way. Take care Habari community, He is watching.

I think now that we have caught the Eye of the Scoble, there is a limited opportunity to pounce onto his golden locks and grab hold of his imagination, his heart, his soul. We must move quickly, here is my suggested course of action:

  1. First, we make Him a core committer. We all know the process is arbitrary anyway, we might as well hook Him with responsibility now, like getting pregnant to keep that cute boy. (It’s not like he’s going to commit something anyway.)
  2. Next we partner Him with Khaled to replace the bums Michael Heilemann and Bryan Veloso who haven’t been contributing crap anyway. Scoble sees thousands of demos every day, His eye is finely tuned to the golden ratio of product success.
  3. Let’s make Scoble’s theme the default for the next Habari release. It’s nice and streamlined, and loads really fast.
  4. SuckPress names their releases after jazz musicians. Let’s start naming all our releases after Scoble, like George Foreman’s boys, girls, and grills are all named George. Habari 1.0 “The Robert”. Habari 1.1 “Bobby Scoble”. Habari 1.2 “Robertizer”. (Editors note: Someone contact his wife to find out if any of his body parts have nicknames.)
  5. Make sure all the Habari servers and developers run Seagate drives, and start a letter campaign to the CEO saying Scoble is the reason.
  6. Change our default post to be a 94 minute Podtech ScobleShow interview.
  7. Fellatio.
  8. Invite him to keynote at HabariCon 2007. Everyone in the audience should write I ❤ RS on their forehead prior to the keynote.

I think if we execute HARD on all of the above we will bag him, but we must do or do not… there is no try.


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