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Why Other Designers Shouldn’t Bother

Khaled takes time from his busy day to grace the Habari community with a completely new website design, and this is the thanks he gets?

“Am I to understand then that your design philosophy is the bottom line for habari? That it’s written in stone?”

Khaled’s design philosophy is written in the STONE OF GOOD TASTE, which obviously you aren’t familiar with. Do not confuse the SOGT with the Ugly Stick, which is what hit the other so-called design contributions.

“How are images accessible?”

Someone introduce this bozo to the alt tag.

“How is that much different than your “planet” concept, other than you are using a singular phrase that is ambiguous at best. News and Planet really are one in the same to me.”

News is too constricting. It’s like putting “blog” in our domain name. You need to think BIG.

“You are basically knocking what’s been put forth, saying you’ve spent all of 30minutes on what you think is superior to what’s been put forth, and have no desire to further that design, and once again aren’t offering source files to allow others to build on the design, or make it real code.”

Come on, Khaled could fart a better design while juggling burning midgets. Let’s not compare apples to Steve Jobs. Hear that, Mr. Bishop? That’s the sound of inevitability. Now suck it.

And what the heck ever happened to Bryan Veloso? Did Autocrattic buy him off? He’s pulling a Nuclear Moose.


Where’d all the losers come from?

Oh wait, that’s WordPress.

The all are welcome attitude of Habari that originally attracted me to the project is now attracting other former rejects, however now it’s ones that I think are not cool.

Case in point one: NuclearMoose. What has he ever contributed to any project, besides rambling posts about why he is or is not contributing? Is the rumor about him scaring away female contributors to WP true?

Case two: spencerp. Who the hell knows what this guy is saying half the time? Isn’t he the one that used his mod status on to hit on some chicks, and he got kicked off and install4free? Does he know how to quote an email? I hope you all welcome me here is the definition of needy and codependent. (On the bright side, he actually got Habari running.)

Maybe we can start a rule where only people who were actually wanted in the WordPress community would be allowed in the Habari one, before we become a haven for WP rejects. When do the cool kids stop being the cool kids? When they start hanging out with all the uncool kids.

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