Web 10.0!

Fellow Habari believers, I come to you with a modest proposal. There is currently some disagreement on our mailing lists about which browsers should support. First off, we should never disagree with each other in public (after this), it gives the enemies confidence. They are watching.

Second, as to which browser we should support, I say NONE. That’s too web 2.0, and since we are already 5x better than any other project out there, we need to focus on web 10.0.

We should use the power of AJAX and javascript and DHTML to create an interface which transcends browser and puts the user into a experience like no other. Clearly the only way to do this is with XUL. There has already been the brilliant suggestion that the interface simply be an Atom API client.

What if it was an Atom API client, but in XUL so it worked perfectly on every platform and we could do an interface so awesome only Khaled could design it. And he will.

I apologize, I know your head just exploded from the awesomeness of this idea. Before you comment, remember, they are watching.

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